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Meet OG Shifu,

Chuong Charlie Pham

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Founder of AMZ Shifu

Meet Shifu's Alumni,

Han Nguyen,

Meet Chuong Charlie Pham,

the OG Amazon Mentor

My name is Chuong Charlie Pham. I am a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant who moved to the state in 1994. My parents had borrowed from family and friends and had to sell everything for us to be in America. My parents spoke no English and the only thing they had was just the luggage with our old clothes, a few dollars in their pocket, and personal identification.

Baton Rouge LA was where my family and I landed. It was hot and humid that day. We had been traveling from several places to get here. We were able to get here thanks to the help of a local Vietnamese church people; whom I had never met before. My parents picked up manual labor and service jobs with low pay just so that we could be able to live day by day. They were barely at home. Growing up they were strict and harsh due to the culture shock and stress that most immigrants would feel. Having no money, can’t speak the language, and everyone around you expecting you to understand them was very tough for them. My parents isolated themselves, and so did my older sister, and this resulted in me having no one to talk to. I was constantly picked on in school due to my lack of English, funny hair, and skinny look that most typical immigrants have. I spoke no English during those early years, and I never really had anyone I could talk to! I had no one to share the personal pain and struggle that I had gone through. Some nights I would cry silently to myself asking God to help me and protect me. I struggle with insecurities, lack of self-confidence, and feeling powerless, and weak.


However, as time went by, I was able to find friends who got me into playing soccer, weight training, and breakdancing. It helped me a lot in growing my self-confidence as an immigrant trying to fit into this new place and culture. Those years with friends helped me grow a little stronger but inside I was still insecure and lacked self-confidence in who I was.


After entering college I fell below the average student with a GPA of 2.5. I felt like a loser all over again in front of my parents, but I knew I needed to graduate in order to show my parents that I was somewhat good enough! I wanted to get out of my situation badly!

A lot of people told me that I was dumb, I was a loser, and I would never make it in life, but I have never quit trying even though the future at a time was still very uncertain for a teenager like myself. I didn’t even know if I could even get a job or continue to be a disappointment to my parents. I wanted to make them proud.

“If you want something badly enough, you have to do it yourself”- is what I thought to myself in order to get out of where I was. Since the age of 14, I started mowing grass and weeding my neighbor's yard. I served tables, I cooked in the back of restaurants. I even cleaned kitchens, bus tables, and clean restrooms in restaurants just to be able to support myself and my family financially coming from a poor background. As I enter college, I reach one of my lowest points. I drink and do drugs just to escape my harsh and uncertain reality. The reality of a poor immigrant with bad grades and no future.

One day, I was approached by a friend who had a connection to a large dealer. He wanted to make some extra cash and asked if I was interested. A broke college student juggling between multiple jobs in order to survive like myself, I couldn’t resist! I knew the money could help me out with school, rent, living, and my family. That was when I turned myself into a drug dealer in order to get out of poverty. I had runners pushing pounds of drugs for me every week and the money was good.


Everything was going well for me because I was mentally strong after all of my past experiences. I knew how to handle people and was able to manage things well.


I felt on top of the world as a young, hungry college student and dealer until I experienced a near-close call. One of the runners had gotten picked up by the police and I started receiving calls from random numbers. I threw away my phone and dumped everything I had. My friend had already gone to prison in the past and I did not want any part of that.


The thought of how ashamed my parents would be really scared me. So, I got out! It’s not one of the proudest moments of my life, but this taught me two of the most important lessons in my life: Trust yourself and your capabilities, what comes up, must go down and when things come easy, it will leave you easily.

I circled back to where I started again. I felt I was just moving along in life, not really sure where I'm going.


I was lost once again. Working and going to school was a path layout by someone else not by me. I was nowhere better than I was before. But after all the good and bad experiences in my life, I was determined that this time I MUST let go of the past and move forward.

Near the end of 2009, I started an online business with a friend in college. With no experience, I was working days and nights. We were selling mobile accessories online from an unknown brand from Korea. I went to school during the day and worked different jobs at night. I taught myself everything from editing websites, hiring, inventory management, bookkeeping, and marketing the brand. It was a tough battle mentally, especially for a 2.5 GPA student but I was determined.

We launched our private label products on Amazon, eBay, and our own website. The first day and first year were not great! We had barely any sales but I kept on trying and didn’t give up.

"The harder you work, the luckier you will become!”


Our sales slowly and gradually increase from $0, $100, $2000 to $500K per month. After years and years of not giving up, we were able to expand our brand in the USA, Europe, South America, and so on, we also distributed to different vendors, retailers, and shopping centers. Our company was able to bring in $15M in annual sales by 2015.

Sometimes, I pinch myself just to make sure that I am not dreaming. A 1st generation Vietnamese immigrant with no backup plan, falling in and out of school and in life. While juggling between multiple jobs and selling drugs on the street just to make end meets, could become an owner of a multi-million dollar Ecommerce company, travel around the world, and experience the American Dream. In 2016, I eventually exited the business with close to an 8 figures payout to focus on my own path. Surprisingly it did not feel as great as I thought it would be.

The most fulfilling part of my life is being able to take care of my parents, my sibling, and my own tiny family. As a young 27-year-old with millions of dollars in the bank, I feltButton capable. I was young and hungry to do more.


I lost money, I got into poor investments with the wrong people, and even almost messed up my own family and my relationship with them.

Long story short, In life, we live and we learn! Anyway, I think it’s getting too far for my first introduction. I am a reserved and boring person in real life, but I wanted to share my story to encourage others to take on the opportunity.



I just really really hope that my rags to riches story can somewhat inspire someone, who is currently feeling lost, feeling like a disappointment toward their loved ones unintentionally, and who is currently feeling like giving up on their dreams. You are not alone! Just hang in there & don't stop trying! What you are going through right now is preparing you for something greater than you could ever imagine and always remember!


“The harder you work, the luckier you will become!”


Warmest Regards,

Chuong Charlie Pham

Meet Han Nguyen,

Shifu's Alumni

My name is Han Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant who came to the US in late 2016. I came here with only $1000 dollars in my pocket, broken English, and I had no idea what my future looks like. But there is one thing that I always carry, which is the American dream in which I can provide for my family and retire my parents

landed in Ohio in late July 2016, and 2 months after being in the US, I saw snow for the first time in my life. It was nice the first day, but the days after were nightmares. I didn’t have a car and all I had was just a bicycle which I rented from the school, and I had to bike to school in snowy weather every day. I shared a tiny bedroom with other college friends and the AC broke all the time. To save money, I bought one pan and cooked the same meal every week: pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs. Luckily, my cooking skill wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t communicate so much that I didn’t have any close friends I could share or rely on emotionally. It was tough.

I moved to San Jose, California in early 2017, but things couldn’t get much better. I had one red jacket which I bought on sale during Black Friday back in Ohio, which helped me survive the Winter in Ohio and rainy weather in California. I still remember the days that I stand under the rain in the bus stations trying to get to school and a restaurant where I work a part-time job.

I moved again in late 2017 to Dallas, Texas, where I found my first full-time job: as a nail technician. It was embarrassing as a man sitting and filing nails all day, but I did it anyway so that I could pay for my tuition and living expenses. Things started to pick up since then. I was able to buy my first car, a 2008 Honda Civic, which helped me get to school and work so much easier.

I went to Dallas college (Richland college back then) in the STEM field. I started performing well in school to the point that a math professor asked me to join his math tutoring team to help other students, I was so thrilled.


Back in Vietnam, I was a Math and Physics competitor in my high school, which was the best high school in my city. Math was always a passion of mine and becoming a math tutor here in the US sounds like a dream for me.

I took that opportunity very seriously, and I was able to help many students. Then, I realized that I love teaching and seeing other people around me become more successful.

Besides that, I still hate my nail job since it took away too much time from me. On a normal day, I went to school in the morning and after school, I worked from 3 to 10 pm. On weekends, I worked from 9 am to 10 pm. It was exhausting for me even though I made a decent income to pay for my living expenses.


I saved up a decent amount of money and started working on a lot of side businesses which include a bookstore, a workout clothing brand, and a fish cake brand. But they all failed, I was drained out, hated myself, and stopped believing that I can make something big.

Until late 2021, when I heard about Amazon Private Label. I signed up for Justin’s mentorship and after a few months of learning, I was able to build my first Private Label brand it was life-changing

Now I’m the owner of two 6-7 figures online businesses including Amazon FBA Private Label. I’m now able to support my family, help my mom pay her debts, bought my first house, and start building a family with my beautiful wife and my lovely dog.

 I always have a goal of becoming financial freedom, so that I can support my family and my loved ones. Also, I have found my life mission, which is inspiring and motivating other people on achieving their dreams and goals.

Why do I want to be an Amazon Coach?

I believe that financial freedom will create much more value in anyone’s life, and the quickest way to achieve financial freedom is through building profitable businesses. And Amazon Private Label is one of the easiest ways to start an online business for anyone, at any age, and with any background. And from Amazon, you can scale your business much faster than a traditional business.

Also, teaching has also been my passion since the day I went to college since I saw a lot of people getting better in their math and science classes. Seeing other people around me succeed in their life has brought me great fulfillment.

I want to do the same with Amazon.

I have seen many new sellers struggle, lose a lot of time, and money; being drained out physically, and emotionally. And I want to stop that.

I want to help new sellers with the knowledge that I learned from my circle of 7-8 figures brand owners, my own experience, and other people’s mistakes so that new sellers will have a better chance to win on Amazon. Saving them time, energy, and potential loss as inexperienced sellers.

My vision as a coach is to change people's lives.

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life” – John Wooden

Remember, never stop believing in yourself, and don’t give up too soon because God always has a plan for those who work hard for themselves.

Keep believing!

Han Nguyen,


My name is Nhut Cao. I am a 1st generation Vietnamese Immigrant currently living in Dallas, Texas. I run multiple multi-million-dollar businesses including Amazon, Shopify, Product manufacturing, and I investor myself. I'm always keen on building passive/semi-passive income streams that allow me to achieve financial freedom before the age of 30. I love traveling and spending quality time with my loved ones because time is the only asset that once we waste it, it's gone.

When you go from sleeping on the floor in your friend’s living room, maxing out your credit cards to being able to build multi-million dollar Amazon/E-commerce businesses.

Disclaimer: This is not a drag post, I just hope to share my story as an inspiration for many other immigrants in the same shoes as I am, coming to the U.S with nothing yet a burning desire for a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

I slept in my friend's living room back in 2019 just to start

my own business and it was one of my best memories as a founder because the struggle was too REAL!

“The greater the struggles we face - the better the memories and rewards we will get “ my mentor taught me.

The reason why I slept in my friend’s living room was that I couldn’t afford a place to stay while investing all my money toward starting my online business. I bought the cheapest mattress I could find on the Walmart website because my Discover credit card said NO to anything greater than $60, my available credit balance at that time

after maximizing all my credit cards to pay for my first AmazonFBA private label Product. I swear I still have my back pain to this day from that one mattress.

Was it scary to know that I was spending money on a start-up that I might not be able to pay back if my startup failed?

Yes, 1000% but at that point when I was already in debt with 5 figures college debts & a checking balance of $200 that about to go negative. I got nothing to lose tbh! “All in or nothing” was my mentality.

There was no way for me to back out. I just knew that I had to make it happen and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life as an entrepreneur.

By sharing with you a glimpse of my startup journey, I want you to know that you must take on risks in order to make your dream come true. You must break the pattern and the cycle of poverty and old habits that didn’t lead you anywhere for quite a long time. Imagine you take on risks as I did and now you get to live your dream life of achieving financial freedom, owning back your time and you don’t need to ask for any bosses’ permission to live your life the way you want it, travel whenever and wherever that make you happy knowing that you are the boss and your money is abundant!

Please remember, Entrepreneurs are risk-takers who hang on to their dreams and visions. We take massive actions to solve the world's problems while others are complaining and sitting on the sideline.

Jeff Bezos is a prime example of a Cuban immigrant that held on to his dream until he became a billionaire.

I want to remind you that you are capable, you can do anything you set your mind to, and I know for damn sure that you will be the next millionaire that others are talking about.

God knows you are on the right path & you must believe in yourself and take massive actions toward it!

To the top, we go! -Shifu Nhut Cao

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