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Beware of These Amazon Seller Scams in 2024

June 10, 20248 min read

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” - Michael Jordan


As an experienced Amazon Seller, I've learned that selling online can be both exciting and risky. While there are plenty of chances to make money, there are also people out there who want to trick Amazon sellers, especially those who are new to the game.

You see, Amazon is a big marketplace where you can sell almost anything, from books to gadgets. But just like in any marketplace, there are some folks who try to cheat others, and Amazon sellers are sometimes their targets. So, it's important to be careful and know what to watch out for when you're selling on Amazon.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the most common scams that Amazon sellers face and how you can avoid them.

Here are 5 scams that Amazon sellers need to be careful of. As a seller, you need to be alert and avoid falling for these tricks to protect your account from being harmed. Let's discuss some common scams that Amazon sellers should be cautious about.

1. Account Hijacking Scams

Account hijacking is when someone unauthorized gains access to your Amazon seller account and misuses it for their own benefit. Once they break into your account, they can do various harmful things like changing your bank account details, altering product listings, or stealing important business information.


To protect yourself from account hijacking, it's crucial to take some preventive measures. First, set up two-factor authentication, which is now required by Amazon. This adds an extra layer of security by requiring a verification code in addition to your password when logging in.

Second, use strong and unique passwords for your Amazon account, and remember to change them regularly, ideally every few months. This makes it harder for hackers to guess or crack your password.

Lastly, never share your login details with anyone, even if they claim to be from Amazon or offer assistance. Be cautious of phishing attempts where scammers try to trick you into revealing your login information through fake emails or websites.

Keep a close eye on your account for any unusual activity, such as changes to your product listings, account settings, or banking information. If you notice anything suspicious, take immediate action by contacting Amazon support and reporting the issue. Regularly monitoring your account's activity can help you detect and prevent hijacking attempts before they cause significant damage.

2. Phishing Scams

Phishing is a sneaky type of scam where dishonest people pretend to be real companies to trick you into sharing personal information. They might send you emails, texts, or make phone calls pretending to be from a trusted source, like Amazon.


Here's how it works: You might get an email that looks like it's from Amazon, but if you look closely, you'll notice something fishy about it. The email might ask you to click on a link or provide your account details to fix a problem. But if you click on that link or give out your info, you could end up giving scammers access to your Amazon account or even your bank details.

Watch out for emails with strange or suspicious email addresses, like the ones listed above. These are fake emails trying to trick you. Sometimes, the links in these emails might look real at first glance, but if you copy and paste them into a private browser window, you'll see they lead to fake websites designed to steal your information.

Remember, Amazon will never ask you to give your login details or sensitive info through email or text. If you ever get a message asking for this kind of info, it's a red flag. Be smart and careful when dealing with emails or messages that claim to be from Amazon. Always double-check the sender's info and never click on any links you're unsure about.

3. Listing Hijacking Scams

Listing hijacking is a serious scam where dishonest sellers try to trick buyers by selling fake or counterfeit products under your legitimate product listing. This means that even though you're the real seller, someone else might be selling fake versions of your product on the same page.


Here's how it works: These sneaky sellers use your product's unique identifier (ASIN) to create their own listing, pretending to sell the same thing as you. When a customer orders from them, they might receive a fake or inferior product instead of what they expected from you.

These scams not only damage your reputation as a seller but can also cause problems like negative reviews, high returns, and other issues with your Amazon account.

To protect yourself from listing hijacking scams, it's crucial to stay alert and regularly check your product listings. Look out for any unauthorized sellers trying to sell your products under a different listing.

Additionally, keep an eye out for duplicate listings of your products on Amazon. If you find any, report them to Amazon immediately to have them removed.

By staying vigilant and monitoring your listings closely, you can help prevent listing hijackers from harming your business and reputation on Amazon.

4. Amazon Suspension Scams

Amazon suspension scams are schemes where deceitful individuals pose as Amazon employees or representatives, falsely alleging that your seller account has been suspended or deactivated.


Here's how it typically works: You might receive an email or phone call from someone claiming to be from Amazon, informing you that your account has been suspended due to a violation or issue. They then demand payment or request your account details to supposedly reinstate your account. However, these scammers have no affiliation with Amazon, and their sole intention is to trick you into providing sensitive information or money.

To safeguard yourself against suspension scams, it's essential to verify the legitimacy of any communication claiming to be from Amazon. If you receive such a message, don't respond or provide any personal information immediately. Instead, independently contact Amazon's support team through official channels to confirm the status of your account. Additionally, regularly review Amazon's policies and seller code of conduct to ensure compliance and minimize the risk of suspension.

By staying cautious and confirming the authenticity of any communication from Amazon, you can protect yourself from falling victim to suspension scams and safeguard your seller account.

5. . Fake Reviews Scams

Fake review scams occur when individuals or companies offer to sell fabricated reviews on Amazon. These reviews are typically positive and aim to enhance a product's sales and ranking on the platform. However, Amazon strictly prohibits fake reviews, and sellers found involved in such practices risk suspension or permanent banning from the platform.


Here's how it works: Sellers or third-party services may offer to create positive reviews for products, often in exchange for payment. These fake reviews mislead customers by falsely representing the quality or popularity of a product.

To protect yourself from fake review scams, it's crucial to adhere to Amazon's policies and guidelines. Avoid engaging in any activities that involve the solicitation or purchase of fake reviews, as this violates Amazon's terms of service. Instead, focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service to organically earn genuine reviews from satisfied customers.

Encourage your buyers to leave honest and unbiased feedback about their experiences with your products. Authentic reviews not only contribute to your product's credibility but also help build trust with potential customers. By prioritizing integrity and transparency in your business practices, you can avoid the pitfalls of fake review scams and maintain a positive reputation on Amazon.

Protecting Your Business from Amazon Seller Scams

As an Amazon seller, you've likely invested a significant amount of time and money into your business, and safeguarding it against potential scams is essential. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your business from fraudulent activities on the platform.

One effective strategy is to enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry program. This program is specifically designed to safeguard your brand and products from various scams and unauthorized use. By registering your brand, you gain access to advanced selling tools and advertising products that are not available to sellers who are not enrolled in the program.

Amazon Brand Registry offers several tools to combat counterfeit products, including:

  • Transparency: This tool allows you to proactively protect your brand and customers from counterfeit products. It helps improve customer engagement and enables you to identify any supply chain defects.

  • Project Zero: With Project Zero, you can access the unprecedented ability to immediately remove counterfeit listings without having to contact Amazon. This gives you greater control over protecting your brand's integrity.

  • Counterfeit Crimes Unit: This tool allows you to collaborate with Amazon's legal team to build cases against counterfeiters and take legal action against them.

Additionally, brand owners enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program have access to a "Report a Violation" tool. This tool enables you to report any instances of bad actors, intellectual property infringements, or inaccurate listings, further enhancing your ability to protect your brand.

Ensuring the security of your Amazon account is also crucial. Be vigilant in keeping your login details safe, and never share sensitive information with anyone. Always verify the legitimacy of any emails or phone calls claiming to be from Amazon before taking any action.

By staying informed about common Amazon seller scams and taking proactive measures to protect your business, you can maintain a successful and sustainable presence on the platform. If you have any questions or concerns about Amazon seller scams, feel free to reach out for further assistance.

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